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How I became a Public Speaker Full-Time
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After leaving Microsoft, I was overwhelmed by the support and happiness from many of my friends and peers, however many of them might not have known that I was venturing into a whole new realm beyond the world of Tech and Engineering (it felt a bit like my own Hannah Montana moment). I got a lot of questions as to how I got started in public speaking, so here’s a snapshot of how I found my path.

? 2016: After my first few years in engineering school, I realized that I was a part of the 2% of latinas that made up the industry. I became passionate of diversity advocacy and started being involved with WISE and SWE at high school outreach events, I even got to go to my own elementary school when I was a freshman in college. I shared what engineering was, and the amazing careers and things you can do with an engineering degree. I was also involved with robotics programs, where we got to teach girls how to program their very own systems!

? In 2018, as I was looking for full-time jobs, during my interview at Microsoft, they asked me to present on something I was truly passionate about. I delved into the world of women in STEM, drawing from the wealth of research available, including Microsoft’s new transparency diversity report. This was a natural topic for me, given my history of STEM outreach since I was a freshman in college.

? In 2019, I had the privilege of delivering a TED talk at the first ever TEDx UTEP event on Empowering Women in STEM and leadership. I talked about shifting the narrative from the technical aspects to the incredible impact STEM careers can have on humanity, which leads to inspiring young girls to explore the field. My journey in grad school was demanding, but guess what helped me prepare for the audition? My Microsoft interview! You can see my talk here ->

? In 2020, I embarked on my journey as a content creator with my very first TikTok video, all thanks to the “Learn on TikTok” program. They discovered me through my TEDx talk. This marked my first time getting paid to make videos, where I shared my personal journey as a first-generation American and college graduate, touching on topics like education resources, mental health, and the incredible social mobility that allowed me to explore over 18 countries.

? Fast forward to 2021/2022, I had the honor of being featured in news articles from LA Times, Business Insider, Univision, NBC, and more. These pieces highlighted my work in promoting STEM equity, mental health, and supporting the first-generation community through my content. This recognition opened up new opportunities, leading to more podcast interviews, speaking engagements, and this was the first year I was invited to a conference as a content creator (so cool, no?).

? In 2023, I’m excited to continue my journey in content creation and public speaking. I’m also working on initiatives and a business venture dedicated to making a positive impact on the world related to Mental Health. These endeavors will be enriched by all the incredible experiences I’ve had along the way.

That’s my story in a nutshell! Feel free to ask if you have any questions or if you want me to dive deeper in a subject. ?


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