Gina Moreno

How I became a Public Speaker Full-Time

Gina Moreno Ted Talk

After leaving Microsoft, I was overwhelmed by the support and happiness from many of my friends and peers, however many of them might not have known that I was venturing into a whole new realm beyond the world of Tech and Engineering (it felt a bit like my own Hannah Montana moment). I got a […]

Creating Multiple Streams of Income as a First Generation Latina from a Low-Income Background

As a first-generation Latina from a low-income background, securing my financial future after higher education became a top priority. I was raised in a traditional household, and I’m passionate about sharing this journey with college students and young professionals as a latina speaker and educator to those aiming for financial freedom before retirement. I went […]

5 Reasons Why you Should and Shouldn’t Consider a Masters Degree

Hello, welcome back friends! In this blog I will be sharing my popular and unpopular opinions of why you should or should not enroll in graduate school. I’ll start by saying I’m a huge advocate for higher education, but the last thing I want to see is people close to me get in debt to […]

4 Common Resume Mistakes that are keeping your Resume from Jumping to the Next Level

Resumes are the foundation for many professional development areas and I hope these tips can serve you! These fixes can take your resume to the next level and can help showcase what a great candidate/employee you are. Having a well-written resume can translate to having a strong elevator pitch, interviewing skills, and negotiation skills. When […]

A Memo to my Fellow First Gens

Happy National first Gen Day my loves! Being first Generation means that you are the first in your bloodline to navigate unknown spaces; and most likely the only one with your background and that looks like you in these new spaces. You can be the first one to be in this country, first one to […]