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How I became a Carry-on Girly as Latina who is Extra

Trust me, if I can pack efficiently for a 4-week trip to Europe, you can learn how to stop overpacking too.

First of all, why should we consider taking only a carry-on and a personal item when we can always check in a bag at the airport? It’s simple: it makes carrying your items a breeze, saves you from check-in fees, and alleviates the anxiety and inconvenience of lost luggage. When you have a 40lb bag in tow, it restricts your flexibility to move around freely. You might think that paying $60 for check-in fees isn’t much, but those costs add up quickly, especially for international flights, which are typically more than a few flights.

With that in mind, I’m an advocate for packing light. I’ve heard some people say that packing light is only for those who don’t care what they look like when they travel, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Packing light takes skill and practice, and I promise you can improve at it.

Here’s how you can avoid overpacking:

1. Try on Your Outfits and Take Photos: Since most of my trips are pre-planned, my outfit choices depend on the activities. Whether it’s a nice dinner, a day at the beach, something formal, or professional attire, I love to try on my outfits, take photos, and see if I like them or not. Keep in mind that this process requires some time and shouldn’t be left for the last minute.

2. Mix and Match Tops and Bottoms: Pack versatile items that can be mixed and matched to create multiple outfits. Neutral colors are your best friend. A good rule of thumb is to pack two or three tops for every bottom, and include a few dresses if possible.

3. Limit Your Shoe Selection: Shoes can be real space hogs. I typically take two pairs, choosing versatile, cute, and comfortable footwear suitable for various occasions.

4. Roll Your Clothes and Use Compression Bags: Rolling your clothes instead of folding them can save space and reduce wrinkles. This approach helps me, as someone with ADHD, to see everything at a glance. Compression bags are also a handy tool to organize and compress clothing, maximizing space in your luggage. Or, if all else fails, just sit on top of your suitcase before closing it – it works!

5. Toiletries and Cosmetics: Opt for travel-sized containers and consider purchasing certain items at your destination.

6. Consider Laundry Options: If you’re planning a trip lasting more than a week, think about booking accommodations with laundry facilities.

No more overpacking! ? Does this help?

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