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Dedicated to Advocating for Latinx Individuals

View keynote presentations or collaborate with me directly to create a custom designed experience for your team or engagement.


Ways to Work with Me

Keynote Style

Immerse in Gina Moreno’s concise Keynote Speech, fitting into a lunch and learn or commanding the main event in 30-45 minutes. Drawing from rich professional experience, Gina delivers an interactive address blending inspiration with real-world insights, featuring an open Q&A for deeper exploration.

From Trailblazer to Trendsetter: My story as a First-generation Latina

Using your Unique First Gen Powers to Create the Life of your Dreams


Immerse yourself in a hands-on experience with our Workshop Package, offering an in-depth exploration within a 60-90 minute session. This experience provides a practical “how-to” guide, ensuring you walk away with actionable insights and skills you can immediately apply. My workshops are highly interactive, engaging you in hands-on activities, case studies, and exercises. Fostering a collaborative learning environment where you can exchange ideas and best practices. Join me for a transformative learning journey that equips you with the tools and strategies to succeed in your endeavors.

Panel Discussions

Gina can participate in a discussion of a structured conversation or debate among a group of experts or individuals with diverse perspectives on a specific topic or issue. Typically, a moderator facilitates the discussion, posing questions to the panelists who then share their insights, experiences, and opinions. Panel discussions are commonly used in conferences, seminars, and other events to explore complex topics, offer different viewpoints, and engage audiences in interactive dialogue.

Generación Pionera Program

Generación Pionera: The First Gen Pathfinders Excellence Program is a tailored summer camp style initiative designed for Hispanic and first-generation college students. It aims to equip participants with crucial life skills essential for navigating academic and professional pursuits. Through dynamic workshops and thought-provoking keynote sessions, attendees will delve into topics such as financial literacy, mental health awareness, career navigation, and the significance of STEM fields. Facilitated by experienced mentors, our program fosters inclusive conversations and offers practical resources to support students in their journey. Partner with us to empower your students, provide enriching experiences, and foster a community of success.

Gina in Action!

Panel at SHPE Convention: Being Fearless
“Si ella puede, yo también puedo” with Univision
High School Student Regional Conference Keynote, Idaho 2022

Gina in Action!

First-generation american, college grad, professional, therapy advocate and wealth builder.

Latina motivational speaker, Gina Moreno offers a unique experience to first generation latinos and latinas those who are carving their own path.

I motivate first-gen Latinos to transform their lives.

My mission is to empower and uplift through education, fostering a supportive environment that addresses both academic/professional growth and mental well-being, as I strive to equip fellow Latino learners with the tools they need to succeed while nurturing their mental health.

University of Texas at El Paso Engineering Week 2022

Making a Difference in the Hispanic Community

Gina’s events vary from Keynotes, Interactive Presentations, Panels and more.