Gina Moreno

A Memo to my Fellow First Gens

Happy National first Gen Day my loves!

Being first Generation means that you are the first in your bloodline to navigate unknown spaces; and most likely the only one with your background and that looks like you in these new spaces. You can be the first one to be in this country, first one to obtain higher education, first one to have a white collar job, first one to build generational wealth, first one to invest in herself, first one to acknowledge mental health and first one to have the opportunity to exit survival mode. What a daunting task yet beautiful experience, right???

It might not always be easy to see it as a beautiful experience, I understand that. Listening to yourself with no blueprint, little representation and while others depend on you is not easy; because like…we don’t know what we are doing. NO ONE HAS DONE IT BEFORE. The biggest thing I’m learning is outgrowing the need of external validation. I’m going in the right direction, doing the right thing, my experiences valid, my thought process is coherent. Letting my intuition guide me to say I AM HERE, I BELONG, and I AM NOT DONE. This is for MY FAMILIA. I am paving the way. THIS IS A BIG DEAL. THIS IS A HIGE DEAL. Let me take up that space; let me have this one.

How did this come about? How am I okay with taking up space? I am still processing how big this is for many of us. We are changing what our future generations will look like, feel like and experience. I didn’t realize how big this was until I started listening to other’s stories who have made it this far. We all hold our own struggles, but I realized that many had significantly more privileges, and therefore I should acknowledge the will, mindset, discipline, skills it took to get here.

I’m grateful for what education has given me: the ability to BE. The ability to BREATHE. The ability acknowledge. The ability to do things not because I HAVE to. The ability to have OPTIONS. The ability to step into mindfulness.

Nothing more rewarding than knowing we are changing our bloodline for generations to come. The cycle ends with you! Your healing does not go unnoticed. Your hard work doesn’t go unnoticed. Your desire to be more doesn’t go unnoticed. You are not alone in your authenticity and ever lasting identity journey YOU ARE YOUR ANCESTORS WILDEST DREAMS; walk with the power and grace that comes with that resilience.


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