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7 Realizations that are allowing me to pursue my bigger dreams fearlessly

As much as I have loved being intentional with what I do, and have the courage to chase the life of my dreams, IT IS NOT EASY. There are times where I am met with fear of judgement, uncertainty, feeling inadequate or even that I don’t deserve the place that I have. It is a natural thing that all of us go through when going after our bigger goals. The problem is when these limiting beliefs turn into a narrative that in our head that stops us from being our full selves or stop us from pursuing things without even getting started. The biggest pillar of self-actualization to me, starts with awareness. Awareness of how you feel, what you desire, and to figure out…what is stopping you.

I want to take this post to share some of the limiting beliefs I had to overcome (and I am overcoming) to be able to do many things such as: find a more fulfilling job, starting this blog, creating videos and creating a good brand at work. I have fears about posting too many stories on Instagram or what will my ex-coworkers say on my LinkedIn post. I found myself stopping from doing things that I desire because I had certain beliefs: limiting beliefs. Limiting beliefs according to are false narratives that prevent us from pursuing our goals and desires. Limiting beliefs can keep you from doing important things, like applying for your dream job or finding the relationship you want (or leaving the one you don’t want) -One thing that has helped me get over those false beliefs are daily affirmations: the practice of positive thinking and self-empowerment—fostering a belief that “a positive mental attitude supported by affirmations will achieve success in anything.” (from wikipedia).

I was going to state the affirmations, but I will paint a clear picture by also stating the limiting belief.

The road to be a bold, authentic, empowered, self-actualized human is a roller coaster, but the implementation of small things in your everyday narrative can turn your life around. Achievement takes time, but the magic is in the progress!

1. Limiting Belief: “I am young and unexperienced, why should people listen to me?”

1. Affirmation: “I am young and that does not reduce the value of my opinion. My voice matters, my unique light and life can add lessons to others and make a difference”

This is true in the workplace when you are surrounded with people that have 20 years of experience and also when you are thinking of creating a business or becoming a content creator… “What do I have to offer?”. I was part of a TEDx event where astronaut Daniel Olivas talked about “Lessons Learned In Space”. I encourage you to watch it here: Danny Olivas | TEDxUTEP – YouTube. In summary NASA engineers and scientists went days, and weeks to figure out a solution to a perplexing problem at the international space station, but could not figure it out. It was not until one day, they included a broader group at NASA and a flight surgeon, a person who is accountable for the astronauts to eat and stay healthy, made a suggestion. This simple suggestion, was the finishing factor to create a solution that would save the astronauts. Similar story on how the multi-millionaire business of the Hot-Cheetos were created. My point is to say that we each carry our life experiences wherever we go, and that, in it of itself brings value. Some practical ways to help at work is by being the tech savvy contact, a lot of people from older generations struggle with manual tasks! Automate their tasks or teach them shortcuts. Another way is by asking fundamental questions from the way things are being done and taking ownership to change them. If you still have doubts, I recommend you to read the book the Medici effect, it talks about the diversity of voice and how it creates innovative solutions.

  1. 2. Limiting Belief “Others will judge me for what I post and how I express myself about my life”

2. Affirmation: “What I post and say is the foundation to accomplishing my big goals, expressing them is simply getting me closer to the people I want to be around and it is helping me find the connections to make it into reality”

We have all experienced the fear of what people will think of us. I think to some level this is healthy, because you want to have a good brand, but if you ever want to go after what you truly want, you are going to have to accept that some people are not going to get it. Some people are going to criticize you. For me, what is sufficient is knowing that I have a bigger purpose of what I do. I want to empower people from my experiences so that they can have a clearer path and don’t have to make the same mistakes I have made. Isn’t that beautiful? If what I’m doing is going to help people, why should I limit yourself? Why should I limit that good to the world? Why should I limit the possibility of someone’s life being influenced. Speaking what you desire into reality will help you better align, will bring you opportunities, and will better guide you of where you want to go with your goals. Take it from me that I’ve made so many internet friends through the pandemic, all because I decided to share small snippets of my journey.

3. Limiting Belief: “Others don’t know what I have been through, they don’t understand… let me explain..”

3, Affirmation: “There is no need for me to constantly prove who I am to my others- my hard work and authenticity accompanied by confidence will help set the path to achieve what I want to achieve”

There is times (especially when we meet someone) that there is a need for us to prove what we’ve done or who we are. Living this way can become exhausting because you are consistently trying to convince someone of something that they don’t see. When you start going after your goals, focus on putting your best work, being authentic and having good intentions. People will see what you’re doing and there will be no need for you to prove who you are. Now, don’t get me wrong. As I stated in the last affirmation, there is always benefits to being vocal, and it is necessary, but there’s a fine line between expressing what you have done and your experiences, to constantly being in the loop hole of trying to explain your life to everyone. Please don’t do that.

4. Limiting Belief: “I have to know exactly where I’m going and I will map out the plan for the next 5 years of my life”

4. Affirmation: ” I have a vision of who I envision my highest self to be. Creating a plan will help me get there, but paths change, and that is okay. Life is made up of amazing moments that guide me exactly to the place where I am supposed to be at the exact time I’m supposed to be there”

As over-achievers we are used to having a perfect plan and the desired outcomes of what we are doing. Feeling like we are out of control is really unsettling and can feel daunting. This can lead to extreme disappointment. The acceptance that change is the only constant in life can help us better accept the path that we are paving. There is no need to know the future, there is no need to know exactly how we’ll get there, what matters is our presence in the present moment.

5. Limiting Belief: “I have to do perfect work every time, or they will think I am not good enough”

5. Affirmation: “Making mistakes makes me human and likeable. I will work as hard as I can but authenticity & vulnerability is the way of leadership of the future”

It happened to me recently that I sent an email communication to around 300 people. I was so nervous to send it because it was going out to so many people. I chose to work as hard as I could and sent it at the end of the day, instead of waiting for the following day. In the communication (that covered specifics of a new process) I took vulnerable approach. I reintroduced myself and stated that I have transitioned to this new role in a virtual environment and that it had not been easy. I got good feedback from my communication, but what really stood out to me was a message from a person who is really high level in leadership…I’m talking a couple of seats under the CEO. He not only welcomed me, but stated that the work that I was doing might be the foundation for the rest of the organization’s team. I was so excited to get an email from such a high leader and I attribute it to my willingness to be …! I took the time to explain the context of what I was sending and I hoped for the best instead of being formal and waiting for perfection. Perfection is overrated.

6. Limiting Belief: “I am not ready to get started until I have… X”

6. Affirmation: “I have everything I need inside of me right now in order to be successful with this endeavor. Action is better that inaction”

I have delayed many of my projects in the belief that I don’t have all the things that I need in order to start. I don’t have the perfect website, I don’t have the perfect graphics, I don’t have enough followers, I don’t have the perfect strategy, or the perfect story. The only way I’ve gotten to get better at content creation and at writing has been by practicing. The only way that you will find the path where you need to be is by doing something! Anything! You don’t need fancy cameras or need the perfect plan to achieve your goal, you will get there.

7. Limiting Belief: “The job and life that I want don’t exist”

7. Affirmation: “The world is a big place full of possibility and delightful surprises. I am doing things every day that can get me closer to the life I will be content with”

Many young professionals are caught in the idea that if they choose to go with one of their passions or one of their interests that means that they are rejecting everything else. That is not true. What usually ends up happening is that they don’t do doing anything, or take a really (more than necessary) time to start. Not to be a downer but as one of my managers said “You are literally just starting, what you do doesn’t really matter, what matters is what you learn”. We are young and we have time. Life is such a big place full of possibility. W are barely getting started. Appreciate this time, but also know that better times are coming.

Hope you enjoyed these affirmations and that they can help you in your journey. You deserve everything life has to offer, and there is no need for you to limit your happiness, accomplishment, or wealth without even starting.


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