Gina Moreno

Redefining the American Dream: My Transition from Tech to Purpose-Driven Life

Growing up, I was taught to aim for the stars—a directive I took to heart. By 23, I had not only graduated college with a degree in industrial engineering but had also earned my master’s degree. My ambition didn’t stop at academia; it propelled me into diverse experiences, from giving a TED talk aimed at […]

How I became a Public Speaker Full-Time

Gina Moreno Ted Talk

After leaving Microsoft, I was overwhelmed by the support and happiness from many of my friends and peers, however many of them might not have known that I was venturing into a whole new realm beyond the world of Tech and Engineering (it felt a bit like my own Hannah Montana moment). I got a […]

Why I Left My Job at Microsoft

I worked at Microsoft for 4 years, and I was a big advocate for people to join the Tech industry (I still am), and maybe you were thinking, “Wow, she’s really living the dream,” and in some ways, I was. Working remotely from wherever I wanted, making 6-figures, having a stable paycheck, and frankly, not […]