Gina Moreno

Redefining the American Dream: My Transition from Tech to Purpose-Driven Life

Growing up, I was taught to aim for the stars—a directive I took to heart. By 23, I had not only graduated college with a degree in industrial engineering but had also earned my master’s degree. My ambition didn’t stop at academia; it propelled me into diverse experiences, from giving a TED talk aimed at empowering Latinas in STEM and leadership to exploring 18 countries fueled by a love for travel I discovered thanks to an engineering salary.

By 24, I was navigating the tech world, having reached the milestone of $100k in investments. Yet, despite these accomplishments and the financial freedom they brought, I found myself grappling with a profound sense of unfulfillment. My journey wasn’t just about ascending career ladders or financial success; it was a deeper quest for meaning, happiness, and a connection to my essence.

The pandemic in 2020 became a pivotal moment for reflection and healing. I delved into therapy and coaching, unraveling layers of narcissistic upbringing, poverty, ADHD, severe anxiety, depression, and PCOS. This period of introspection made me realize that while my achievements looked impressive externally, internally, I was struggling to heal from generational trauma.

My pursuit of happiness took a new direction as I embraced the benefits of my career: remote work, good benefits, and a semblance of stability. Living across Seattle, NYC, and Mexico City, I reconnected with my roots and essence, sharing my journey on social media to help others navigate the complexities of life that I had once faced.

Yet, the feeling of being stuck persisted. I yearned for more than my tech job could offer—craving not just the financial and location freedom it provided but a fulfillment that came from purposeful work. It led to a bold decision: I quit my job to fully embrace my passion for creating content, public speaking, leading retreats, and launching a mental health nonprofit.

Today, I stand at the intersection of entrepreneurship and advocacy, living a life that feels truly aligned with my values and purpose. My journey is a testament to the idea that happiness and fulfillment lie in pursuing our true passions, regardless of the societal and familial expectations set before us.

To those feeling trapped by the ‘American Dream’ or societal norms: there is a vast, abundant world waiting for you. It may not be easy, and the path may differ vastly from what was envisioned for us, but it is possible to live a life filled with joy, purpose, and peace.

Thank you for walking this journey with me. As I continue to explore new horizons and share my discoveries, I invite you to join me in embracing the endless possibilities that life offers. For every first-generation Latina and beyond, know that your gifts are meant to be shared with the world. From a place of newfound happiness, I send you love and encouragement to pursue your own path of fulfillment.

Follow my journey and discover the information everyone deserves to know—especially first-generation Latinas. Together, let’s navigate this beautiful, complex world.


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