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9 Mistakes I’ve done as a Solo Female Traveler

Recently I  went on my first solo trip abroad, and last year I lived in Mexico City alone for a few months (also I’ve done countless business trips on my own.)  Here are mistakes I would not commit again:

  1. Travel before doing extensive research: now I look at blogs relating to best neighborhoods to stay in, common scams, transportation methods and even look at videos simulating routes. I do everything to be as prepared as I can.
  2. Not Dress proportionally to the locals: I went to Colombia with my best friend in 2018, and we stood out like a sore thumb because we were wearing dresses. Once we switched to jeans (which is what local women wore the most) no one even noticed us. It was the best feeling to blend in seamlessly.
  3. Not Share my location and plans with family and friends. Once you get to a location you get busy with your plans, which can make it hard to remember to send your itinerary to your loved ones. NOW I got into the habit of sending my full itinerary before even getting there. 
  4. Not Learn the basics of the local language- life is much easier when you know how to greet people and say thank you. Local people will get a good impression and be grateful 🙂
  5. Not Carry self-protection items. I feel much safer taking my tactical pen everywhere :p 
  6. Share too much information with people I just met. People you just met don’t have to know that you are alone, the amount of time that you will be staying or what you are there to do. Once you form a relationship you can start sharing more, but in the meantime it is not necessary.
  7. Be on my phone too much. Once I got into the habit of being by myself, I tried not to be on my phone while walking somewhere. Your goal should be to look like you know what you’re doing, and not be looking down at it all the time, which can prevent you from noticing when something is off.
  8. Maybe a basic one but: go to an isolated/far places alone at night. Never worth it.
  9. Not Bring only what I needed when venturing out — all you need is phone, a credit card, some cash, an ID and a copy of your passport. Not Bring only what I needed when venturing out — all you need is phone, a credit card, some cash, an ID and a copy of your passport. 

I hope these helped. If you are interested in having a girls group trip, I’m hosting a trip next April. Sign up to learn more in this form here -> Cheers!


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