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How I Empowered My Best Friend to Secure a 30% Salary Increase With Just One Sentence

Navigating the intricacies of job negotiations can be daunting, especially when you’re eyeing the higher end of a proposed salary range. Recently, I had the privilege of assisting my best friend in clinching a salary that was 30% above her initial offer, all thanks to a strategic approach rooted in understanding her worth and the art of asking.

My friend, like many talented women, was initially hesitant to request the salary she truly deserved. Despite her apprehension, her ambition to elevate her earnings was undeniable. I shared with her a powerful reminder that often, the essence of negotiation lies in the courage to simply ask.

Leveraging Experience for Negotiation Power

With a solid background in her field, my friend was not new to the demands and nuances of the job. Her experience was not just a testament to her capability but a leverage point in our strategy. We focused on articulating her value based on tangible experience and market standards, particularly highlighting her two years of dedicated service in El Paso, Texas.

The Life-Changing Conversation

Our negotiation strategy was straightforward yet impactful. I encouraged her to communicate her expected compensation clearly and confidently, emphasizing her market value and previous experience. The exchange went something like this:

Me: Based on market value and my past experience (2years of doing this in El Paso, Tx) the
compensation I’m looking for is $$$, is this something we can do?

Her response was overwhelmingly positive, filled with gratitude and excitement. She called me a “goddess” and expressed her heartfelt thanks in a blend of English and spanish, showcasing our close bond and her elation at the outcome.

A Victory for Women Everywhere

Days later, she shared the thrilling news: she secured the job at her desired pay rate. This success was more than a personal win; it was a testament to the power of advocating for oneself.

Why Asking for More Matters

In our journey towards professional fulfillment and financial independence, it’s vital to remember that seeking better compensation is not just about the money. It’s about recognizing our dedication, talent, and the value we bring to our roles. As women, we owe it to ourselves to strive for what we deserve, granting us the freedom and resources to care for our loved ones and make choices that enrich our lives.

Consider this your encouragement to take that step toward negotiation. Remember, the act of asking is half the battle won. To all the incredible women out there, good luck in your endeavors to achieve the recognition and compensation you rightfully deserve.


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