Gina Moreno

The 7 Trailblazer Tolls: Navigating the First-Gen Experience

Embarking on the path as a first-generation individual often means charting unknown territories, carrying the weight of ancestral hopes, and bridging cultures. Inspired by Alejandra Campoverdi’s enlightening book, “First Gen,” I delve into the seven trailblazer tolls that many of us face. These aren’t just obstacles; they’re badges of our resilience and complexity. 1. Invisible […]

Redefining the American Dream: My Transition from Tech to Purpose-Driven Life

Growing up, I was taught to aim for the stars—a directive I took to heart. By 23, I had not only graduated college with a degree in industrial engineering but had also earned my master’s degree. My ambition didn’t stop at academia; it propelled me into diverse experiences, from giving a TED talk aimed at […]

The Unexpected ADHD: Unraveling the Everyday Symptoms I Mistook as Normal

For years, I brushed off certain habits and reactions as just part of who I am—a bit quirky, somewhat forgetful, and often running on a different wavelength than everyone else. It wasn’t until my journey into understanding ADHD that I realized these weren’t mere quirks; they were symptoms of living with undiagnosed ADHD. Let me […]

Part 2: Embracing My Truth: Navigating ADHD Diagnosis as a Latina Woman

The Virtual Confessional The day of my ADHD diagnosis was a collision of fear and hope. As a Latina, I grappled with the cultural stigmas around mental health, fearing judgment and misunderstanding. Yet, the virtual space became my confessional, a place where my experiences and fears were met with validation and understanding. My doctor’s assurance […]

Part 1: The Unseen Struggle: My Journey to Uncover ADHD Beyond Achievements

Beneath the Surface of Success On the outside, my life read like a series of achievements: graduating with honors from high school, obtained various leadership roles in university, and a promising start in the tech industry. As a Latina, the pride in these accomplishments was not just mine but my family’s—a testament to our resilience […]

Understanding Intergenerational Trauma Among Latino Immigrants: Understanding and Healing

Intergenerational trauma is a silent thread woven into the fabric of many families, particularly pronounced among Latino immigrants. This community faces unique challenges that span across generations, from the first wave of immigrants to their descendants today. Understanding and addressing these deep-rooted issues is crucial for healing and forging a resilient future. The Legacy of […]

How I Empowered My Best Friend to Secure a 30% Salary Increase With Just One Sentence

Navigating the intricacies of job negotiations can be daunting, especially when you’re eyeing the higher end of a proposed salary range. Recently, I had the privilege of assisting my best friend in clinching a salary that was 30% above her initial offer, all thanks to a strategic approach rooted in understanding her worth and the […]

Bridging the Gap: Latino Mental Health at the 7th Biannual Latino Health Summit

Last week, I had the privilege of being invited to the 7th Biannual Latino Health Summit by the Hispanic Health Coalition and Harris County Public Health and discuss a very needed topic – the mental health challenges within the Latino community. As I navigated the summit in Houston, I found myself enveloped in a wave […]

Why Creating Multiple Sources of Income is Important Even when you Feel You are not Ready

Gina Moreno STEM Latina

As a first-generation Latina from a low-income background, securing my financial future after higher education became a top priority for me. I’m passionate about sharing this journey with college students and young professionals aiming for financial freedom before retirement. Here’s why considering ventures outside your primary job can be a game-changer: 1. Financial Security and […]

9 Mistakes I’ve done as a Solo Female Traveler

Recently I  went on my first solo trip abroad, and last year I lived in Mexico City alone for a few months (also I’ve done countless business trips on my own.)  Here are mistakes I would not commit again: I hope these helped. If you are interested in having a girls group trip, I’m hosting a […]